Your Energy

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

~ Albert Einstein, 1948

To put Einstein’s quote in context for what it could mean for us humans, Anthony Meindl, an acting teacher wrote, “Our energetic frequency is naturally joyful and expansive, but we rarely hook into that state because we let our habituated way of thinking about things drive our natural frequency down. So we get stuck at lower levels of energy and forget we’re these powerful positive forces of nature.”

On some level, I knew from an early age that when my frequency was down, I had a “go to” related to the energy of things. It showed up for me when I was sharing a room with my little sister. She had a more laid back relationship with her side of the room than I did. I liked order. She preferred chaos. It did not appear to phase her. It did, however, disrupt my mood. I couldn’t have articulated it that way at the time. I just knew I felt better when there was clean and organized space around me. It meant so much to me that I would offer to pay her my allowance to let me clean her side of the room!

Fast forward several years to when I moved all of my earthly belongings. When I say all of my earthly belongings, I mean EVERYTHING I kept from my childhood like albums, letters, journals, magazines, old school report cards, photo albums, cherished toys, etc) that filled up a basement in St. Louis. I was out of town one week on a business trip and when I returned, I went down to the basement to retrieve some clothing and I found sopping wet boxes beginning to mildew. I was devastated as I opened boxes and realized all of my past had to be thrown out.

As the week went on and I hauled boxes out to the trash, I noticed that something changed inside of me. I was no longer devasted. I could feel my body lighten up and my breathing was satisfyingly deep. I made the connection. My “things” were energetically weighing me down. This information fascinated me and I was inspired to learn more about this phenomenon. As the years went on, I easily gravitated to clutter clearing my own space on a regular basis. I also offered to do the same for friends and family if they had this kind of project in mind. I was completely energized by the process and I especially loved the feedback that people offered after they experienced their organized spaces. Eventually, I discovered a book by Karen Kingston called Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui. I read her book at least 3 times, incorporating her processes about energy and clutter clearing. I was so inspired by her, I traveled to Bali in Indonesia to attend one of her week long workshops. All of the money and travel details fell into place like dominoes. This was inspired navigation.

Clutter clearing and organizing is one quick way to change your energy. It’s an “outside-in” approach. I highly recommend clearing out a junk drawer and notice how you feel when you’re done. I use clutter clearing and organizing as a strategy when I’m feeling stuck while working on a project. It frees something up inside of me and I can move forward on the project. I love how it works!

If you’re curious about the relationship between clutter and your energy and would like some support, I love coming up with a tailored strategy to bring you to where you want to be energetically.