Now What?

For many years, “Now what?” has been a favorite question I ask myself. Since the pandemic, it is even more relevant. It is filled with infinite possibilities and makes me curious and alert to my inner wisdom pointing the way. This question, asked with positive anticipation, provides the opportunity to create from a place of inner peace,which, in turn, sparks intuitive choice-making toward your new creation. It is from this platform that life – every aspect of life – just gets better and better. 


Time passes. Things change.

Life is a series of beginnings, middles and ends. Life IS change and for some reason, we resist. Connecting with a coach can support you during those times and the times in between, where it can really get messy.

More About Lee


Lee is a credentialed professional life and business coach and intuitive who knows that each of us has our own inner guidance. Her life has always been drawn to creativity, inner development and energy alignment. Her intention is to reacquaint you and help you re-member the language of your north star thereby inspiring you to meaningful actions that build upon each other. Lee’s style is very intuitive, which enables her to genuinely connect to who you are thus empowering YOU to inspired living. In addition to being a credentialed professional coach through the International Coach Federation, Lee has been a semi-professional ballerina, actress, designer, space organizer, business consultant, sales coach and leadership coach for business giants that include This End Up Furniture Company and Storehouse Furniture.