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My name is Sarah Lee Beaven. The last name rhymes with Heaven in case you wondered. You can call me Lee.

Lee Beaven Enjoying Life

This is my first blog. A good friend of mine encouraged me to begin, so I will begin as I do everything. I’ll simply explore and learn as I go.  I am naturally curious so this will be an arena in which I am comfortable.

My background will show you the explorer in me for sure…I was born into a family in Southeast Virginia (on the Chesapeake Bay) where science and art were alive and well concurrently.  My mother was very much the artist and my father was a physician, so I was around art, music, theatre and dance while learning about quantum physics, hypnotism, Edgar Cayce and Buckminster Fuller (to name a few). I had four sisters (yep…five girls) and we enjoyed artistic expression in all it’s forms.

One sister was a singer/songwriter so there was live original music in the house, until she went away to college. My mother always had great music playing on the stereo…anything from classical to broadway musicals to movie soundtracks and she sang and played  the piano beautifully. Her artistic expression flowed into the art world. She was a gifted artist (painter and illustrator) and most of my sisters inherited that gift, so we had paint brushes, drawing pads, canvases, paints and pencils forever in our household inventory.

My parents recently transitioned and friends from many years ago, with whom I have reconnected, have told me that they always enjoyed coming our house because we “were not like most families.”  We were unconventional and treasured free spirited conversations that made us think outside of the box. Looking back, I see how lucky I was….and am.  (Hindsight is a wonderful thing.)

I first learned about discipline when I took dance classes.  I thought I might be a ballerina….for real.  I enjoyed the process of learning and mastering steps and then turning them into an actual dance.  I always loved  the flow of ballet. Of course, it doesn’t start off flowing at first…a good life lesson I find myself  revisiting regularly.  Ballet done well looks as if the dancer is floating on air.  I have been fortunate enough to experience the “floating flow”  in ballet and still have a recurring dream where I am pirouetting effortlessly.  It feels right and it comes with discipline, practice, and desire.

When I realized I wasn’t going to be a professional dancer, I chose not to go to college and instead went to work right away in the retail world, thinking it would be temporary until I figured out what I REALLY wanted to do.  To my surprise, I grew in that world and eventually worked for a company that changed my life. (See blog entry ” Who is Your Coach?”).

The first significant change was in my social skills.  I had always been painfully shy.  You see, as a dancer, I didn’t communicate verbally, but rather, through my body.  When I learned how to actually carry on a conversation without turning crimson red and shaking with nerves, I had a whole new lease on life and new doors opened.

I stayed with this company for 10 years and then rejoined them for about 4 years in a freelance consulting/ coaching capacity…. enjoying every single day. Enjoying every single day is the sure sign that you are on the right path.

Long story short…I found that I enjoyed the art of effective communication and empowering people to find their own right answers and was able to apply it to the world of sales training. I was told this was unique.  It was just who I was and what I was exploring and discovering for myself.

So, this is the beginning of my blog venture. Feel free to come along or check in from time to time. Thanks for stopping in.

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For many years I have been searching for something. I felt stuck with the same repeating patterns, habits and beliefs. These patterns were ones that I did not desire. I had the urge to break free from them but felt powerless. I have read numerous inspirational books, changed my diet and even worked with an energy healer for several months. While these methods elevated my energy it was not the key towards the shift I desired. I am normally a DIY type of person but realized that this was an area that I could use help with. So in perfect timing I had the opportunity to begin coaching sessions with Lee. Each session is perfectly aligned to exactly what I need in that moment. She is very flexible, supportive and works from her heart. These qualities allowed me to be myself and to be open to receive guidance and move forward. I consider it a miracle what has manifested in the last several months since we have been working together. I moved out of a 14 year job that I was attached to but did not serve me. Simultaneously I received a new job opportunity which is exactly what I desire right now. We sold our first investment property which we had worked on for 3 years. Another investment opportunity manifested effortlessly. These manifestations were something in the past I thought would be difficult and time consuming to achieve. I now have the realization of living a life of my own creation and I chose which direction feels good. Lee is like my tuning fork. She helps me to stay focused on this wonderful path that she helped me to re-discover. Old habits still creep in and Lee helps me to realize them and continue to move past them. Lee is a precious wise soul that puts her heart into helping other’s remember their creative potential. Endless appreciation to you Lee! Norlen Linn Lempster, NH June 2015
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