Lee, having you as my coach over the last 15 months has given me a valuable resource – you served as my trusted, supportive, focused, knowledgeable guide/Sherpa who simultaneously led me and let me find my own way to addressing the issues I wanted to focus on.  You always let me be the guide, which is not only your professional style, but was one of the things I was needing to learn, too!  You used an amazing combination of support and “growth” techniques.  Over the course of our time, your coaching techniques and your warm, supportive, and very knowledgeable approach, instilled in me a fundamental, treasured sense of worth and of self. I went in to this coaching partnership thinking I would focus just on “work/career” stuff, but came out with a wonderful and powerful new approach to my life.  I am forever grateful.  – Sheri Schwab, Raleigh, NC,  1 November 2015

The number one goal when I started coaching with Lee was to find a full time position that spoke to my passions and talents in the non-profit world after being laid off due to budget cuts in a job I thought would be my last before enjoying retirement. Lee helped me dissolve the residual anger I was experiencing when we met and I am now reveling in some positive changes that were made since my departure. I got the new career and I find it fulfilling and challenging in all the best ways.

A definition of leadership can be found in an ancient source.  6th Century B.C. philosopher, Lao Tzu said; “When the best leader’s work is done, the people say, we did it ourselves.”  Leadership is the capacity of people to develop, to create, and to sustain over time.  Paradoxically, the very acts of leadership that enable people to self-govern are often invisible, and rarely seen as leadership.  Lee seeks to discover, give voice, and create visibility for these subtle, yet critical, forms of leadership. She holds you in her heart, while simultaneously pushing you into your best self.  What an incredible skill! – Shelley Jacobson, CEO, Minnesota Communities Caring For Children  October 2015


For many years I have been searching for something.   I felt stuck with the same repeating patterns, habits and beliefs.  These patterns were ones that I did not desire.  I had the urge to break free from them but felt powerless.  I have read numerous inspirational books, changed my diet and even worked with an energy healer for several months.   While these methods elevated my energy it was not the key towards the shift I desired.   I am normally a DIY type of person but realized that this was an area that I could use help with.  So in perfect timing I had the opportunity to begin coaching sessions with Lee.  Each session is perfectly aligned to exactly what I need in that moment.  She is very flexible, supportive and works from her heart.  These qualities allowed me to be myself and to be open to receive guidance and move forward.  I consider it a miracle what has manifested in the last several months since we have been working together.  I moved out of a 14 year job that I was attached to but did not serve me.  Simultaneously I received a new job opportunity which is exactly what I desire right now.  We sold our first investment property which we had worked on for 3 years.  Another investment opportunity manifested effortlessly.   These manifestations were something in the past I thought would be difficult and time consuming to achieve.  I now have the realization of living a life of my own creation and I chose which direction feels good.  Lee is like my tuning fork.  She helps me to stay focused on this wonderful path that she helped me to re-discover.  Old habits still creep in and Lee helps me to realize them and continue to move past them.  Lee is a precious wise soul that puts her heart into helping other’s remember their creative potential.

Endless appreciation to you Lee!                – Norlen Linn, Lempster, NH   June 2015


” Lee has a tremendous intuitive gift that is clearly her purpose and calling. She can tap into WHO I am, help me recognize WHERE I am, give voice to my place and facilitate my creation of the ME that is desirable.”

                                                                                                                                                                 ~ Barbara B, PhD, Greensboro, NC

“Lee’s approach to life coaching is truly personal. Throughout our sessions, she guided me to trust the wisdom of my past decisions, identify my passions — all while guiding me towards a unique path of self-expression and personal awareness. Helping me to identify what I really wanted — Lee allowed me to turn a crossroads in my career into a wonderful new adventure!”                                                        

                                                ~ Barbara Summers, MBA, St. Louis, MO  

 “The reason I wanted coaching was to get a fresh perspective from someone whom I could trust with the details of my life to figure out what steps I needed to take to start living in my purpose.  I was encouraged to set goals for the next 90 days that we would be initially working together.  I am thrilled to have achieved them either as totally complete or as an ongoing journey to completion.  Through Lee’s innate ability to ask questions (which helped me arrive at my own conclusions), she enabled me to create a schedule that supports and serves the goals important to me.  There were times I was clueless how to deal with a situation but with her keen insight and attentive listening she guided and taught me tools I can use so I don’t take on something that does not align with my values, needs, or goals.

I  feel more balanced and in control than I have ever known.  She gave me a paraphrased quote that says ‘There is a connection between self-nurturing and self-respect’. Without those aspects operating in my internal compass I will spin out of control and will not land where I expected! Throughout the coaching sessions I have become confident that my purpose in life is unfolding before me and is in alignment with my spiritual values and needs.  I feel so empowered that no matter what comes my way I can handle it with grace, peace and clarity.
Thank you Lee for your sensible guidance, professional and fun attitude and most of all,  your fresh perspective. A million times thank you.”      

                                        ~ Day Marie Smith, Entrepreneur,Denver, CO

 “It is my pleasure to recommend Lee Beaven as a life or business coach. Working with Lee is upbeat, enlightening, inspiring and effective. She taught me how to focus on what gets results.

Lee helped me identify and analyze my management strengths and weaknesses, and her ability to address difficult situations helped me improve my own communication style, put myself in my teams’ shoes, and gain their support. In the year that Lee spent with me, our group has become a more effective team, and most of all, we now enjoy a fun and more productive atmosphere at work.

I will not hesitate to hire Lee again in the future.”        

                                                ~ Peggy D., Nonprofit Events & Marketing Manager

“It is my sincerest pleasure to recommend Lee Beaven as your life or business coach!  A few years ago, my wife, Chris, and I were at crossroads in our careers.  In my case, I was a retired Naval Officer and had been teaching for a few years under the “Troops to Teachers” Program.  Lee helped me focus on what I really wanted to do in the education arena.  With her good listening and well-reasoned coaching, I entered into a doctoral program in educational leadership at the University of Virginia, and in a very short time, received an educational leadership (School Principal) endorsement from the State of Virginia.  Within a year, I was an Associate Principal and Vocational Director of a Virginia High School!  Without her help, I would have floundered and possibly never reached my career goals in education. 

Best of all, she helped me uncover a buried passion to become a Park Ranger.  She not only helped me uncover this desire, she encouraged me to dust it off, shine it up and put it in the forefront.  After 7 years, I left the education field to pursue my dream of becoming a Park Ranger. 

With the principles that I learned from Sarah Lee Beaven, I’ve been able to continually set clear and attainable goals related to my career, education, family, health, recreation, spirituality and even finances.  Thank you, Lee, you’ve been a major influence in my life!!!  I’m sure, Chris will say the same!!!”

     ~ F. T. Matthies, Retired Park Ranger, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, VA. Beach, VA

“Lee Beaven has the skill, tact and courage to discuss  difficult issues in a very straight-forward way. She  communicates in clear and concise way which helps me to pin point issues to work on . She really listens to my issues and can easily see things from my point of view.”

  ~  Fay M.    ~ Human Resources/Training/Special Projects, Retired  – Sit ‘n Sleep,  Culver City, CA

“My husband and I started a full-time photography business eight years ago and as we were getting it going we found we have some very different ideas about how to run a business based on our two very different backgrounds in business.  We also found that we were talking business with each other 24/7.  We hired  Lee Beaven to coach us once a week during our weekly planning meetings. 

Lee not only helped guide us into more effective (non-emotional) communication so that we could move forward, she also helped us compartmentalize our time for better efficiency and to make sure we had personal time together and separately.

She always kept the tone upbeat and positive, while making sure we each got our time to present ideas. The ideas she helped us put in place at the beginning are still serving us well, and we have included her many times in our  annual planning meetings to help us organize our thoughts into a workable plan.

We highly recommend Lee Beaven as a coach for new business owners, and any that find themselves at a stall, or getting ready to move to a new level. We are at that point again and will definitely call on her for a bit of coaching as we redefine one line of our business.”

   ~ Beth & Wolfgang Jasper, Wolfgang Jasper Photography, Richmond, VA

“Lee has an excellent ability to ask smart questions, listen and coach individuals to an improved performance. She was instrumental in our efforts to develop and coach our sales teams contributing to 30 consecutive months of positive sales increases. Lee was effective in coaching associates face-to face and over the phone which gave us the flexibility to continue our coaching programs during tough economic times.” 

                       ~  Chris Matthies, VP of Sales, Storehouse Furniture and

                                        Co-Author of Pathway to Profit, VA. Beach, VA

“Lee, brings a unique perspective to coaching. In 30 minutes she inspired me to make significant changes in my life that positively changed the course of 2009! She thinks out of the box. Plus, she is so personable. A great experience!”                                 

 ~ John Allen Mollenhauer, Founder, PerformanceLifestyle Solutions

“I have been fortunate enough to work with Lee Beaven in both This End Up Furniture Company and Storehouse. Actually, we hired her at Storehouse because we knew her talent and experience. What better recommendation is there than that? She is a perceptive and patient coach, always keeps her focus on the individual’s growth and the goals they have set together. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.”                                                                 

                                      ~ Anita Pugh, Co-Author Pathway to Profit, Richmond, VA 

I live in a wonderful old house and, after many exterior upgrades and replacements, it was finally time for a fun interior renovation.  The plans and the contractor were in place and I was very excited.  Everything in the space had to be cleared which included my office, dense with file cabinets.  My home was already full to the brim; 20 years of accumulation plus additional influx after cleaning out my childhood home where my parents had lived for 50 years.  The task ahead felt daunting, to say the least.  I needed a ‘thinking partner’, and immediately contacted Lee.  

What I love about working with Lee is how she blends her professional coaching skills with her expertise in the home furnishings industry; they are equally valuable in this arena.  Lee was creative, caring, and curious when it came to assessing my situation and recommending options.  Before taking any action, Lee looked at every room in my home, while finding out what mattered most to me through her gentle, supportive, and assuring process.  I felt confident in Lee’s guidance.

In order to ‘clear some space’, we identified categories that would make the biggest impact; clothing and bedding were the first targets.  Lee worked side-by-side with me, asking questions and making observations, all of which helped me to let go of items. At the end of the session, there was an enormous amount of “stuff” in my car, ready for donation.  I also had a set of questions to ask myself when working alone between sessions.  What a great feeling to have made significant progress in one session!

It is that great feeling that spurs continuing action.  Lee is masterful in anchoring that feeling through the combination of ‘hands on’ sessions and intermittent coaching sessions.  Not only does the project at hand resolve itself, one develops the capacity to continue ‘clearing’ what is no longer desired; physical “stuff”, extra body pounds, old thoughts.  Lee makes the process of ‘letting go’ a pleasure.  

  ~ Patty Gump, Newburyport, MA 

“I have been fortunate enough to work with Lee Beaven in both This End Up Furniture Company and Storehouse. Actually, we hired her at Storehouse because we knew her talent and experience. What better recommendation is there than that? She is a perceptive and patient coach, always keeps her focus on the individual's growth and the goals they have set together. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again." ~Anita Pugh, Co-Author Pathway to Profit, Richmond, VA
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