Individual Coaching

(All individual coaching sessions are approximately 45-60 minutes in length)

2 sessions per month      $300

3 sessions per month      $425

4 sessions per month      $550

Group Coaching  (4 minimum – 6 maximum)

(All group coaching sessions are 60-80 minutes in length)

$150/person for 2 sessions a month (most programs are 3 months and include at least 1 one-on- one laser session if desired.)

$125/person if all 3 months are paid  in advance.

Regularly scheduled groups (E-mail Lee for next opening):

  • Passion & Purpose Program  – Exploring Options
  • Re-engaging and Leveraging Your Intuition
  • Clutter Clearing’s Positive Effects
  • Demystifying the Law of Attraction

These 4 topics for groups are also offered for individuals who prefer private sessions.

Note: You may assemble your own group with or without a predetermined topic to be facilitated by Lee.  Email Lee if you’d like to set up your own group.

Special rates may apply.   Email  Lee directly  for Corporate rates. 

Sales coaching with Lee was such an enlightening experience! She has such a way of putting people at ease and setting them up for success. The entire team in my store is committed to developing the skills which we had been taught from the beginning. Lee's visit really brought the concepts of "Customer Friendly Buying" to life, so that each of us would take away from it just what we needed to. As a result of Lee's coaching, I am committed to the coaching of the consultants in order to continue to reinforce the principles taught and coached. Lee truly met each person on my team at their level and challenged them to stretch and move out of their comfort zone...I already can see them developing some good habits, especially in the icebreaking, conversational, and staying connected phases. Lee is truly an inspiration. ~ Jim C., Store Manager, Storehouse Furniture, Northeast District
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