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Positive nods & messages from the universe

Been exploring a lot lately. Not  the typical adventurous Indiana Jones-type explorations…like exploring a cave on the side of a mountain in Peru or diving in the coral reefs just off the coast of Australia. Nope.  These are the “road less traveled” kind.

I have a ritual that I strive to honor every morning.

I consciously set a daily intention.  Examples: I set my intention to be open to the possibilities around _________ (fill in the blank).  I intend to stay in a joyful state of mind all day and see what effect it has on my day.  Thing is, I used to forget to listen and look for the positive nods and messages from the universe in response to the daily intention. This all changed one day.

I was just about finished with the foundational education I have chosen for my Life and Business Coaching certification. I wondered, “What’s next? How will I make the leaps into the next levels of  my business?  How will I keep the level of joy that is so important to me as I increase my responsibilities? What if it doesn’t go as I am envisioning?”  …. yadda, yadda, yadda.  Babble, babble, babble.

Any of this negative self doubt monkey mind talk sound familiar?

A saying came back to me:  “It is always darkest before the dawn.”

That may be a tad  dramatic, but for grins, indulge me a moment and you will see the brightness that comes with the “dark side.” By dark side, I mean:

  • Fear
  • Doubt
  • Confidence
  • Impatience
  • Assumptions

I decided to get closer to my dark side. Was it real? Or just the smoke and mirrors that my ego likes to play with from time to time?

Armed with my daily intention of getting to the truth of these matters, a new awareness came over me.  I realized that a recent series of events were the positive nods and messages in response to my intention.

Event #1

My mentor coach asked me:

“If money were not an issue, would you still be coaching?”

This got me to thinking about all of the things that I enjoy in life…

Event #2

One of my sisters read an article to me about a man who has patchworked several part-time jobs to keep his income level in a happy place and found an inner happiness that took him by surprise.

I found that taking a part-time job that brought me in closer contact with people on a day-to-day basis made me happy. It wasn’t so much the extra cash, but the feeling of community that did that for me.

Event #3

A friend, an entrepreneur, sent me a blog post that she was thinking about publishing and wanted another set of impartial eyes to review it.  It was basically about reinventing oneself. More specifically, it was about how to set yourself apart from the others, who may offer something similar business-wise. You set yourself apart by offering a unique value.

:: A positive nod ::

Event #4

I very unexpectedly ran into two former co-workers …who are now successful  entrepreneurs. I stumbled into one of their shops. I had coached  them a few years ago while we worked for the same company. They took the time to thank me for the lessons learned, which they are now applying to their businesses.

:: a positive nod ::

These “events” are all around us.  It’s actually amazing (and quite fun) to see what what you get when you pay attention…because when you do, the universe will happily dance with you and your explorations.

You just have to tap into your awareness.

These nods and messages have been what I needed to help me move forward into the brightness and away from the dark side.

And back to the question my mentor coach asked me, in case you were wondering …. the answer is yes.

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Who’s your coach?

“Coach” is a title I used to avoid.

I am not a fan of fads, and I worried that “coaching” was trendy. So, I’ve been tangling with the coach title since 1999 when someone told me that there was a name for what I was already doing.

“Life Coach”

Truth be told, I have been a coach since the early 80s, only we didn’t give it that title. We called it “sales trainer.”

I was lucky to work for This End Up Furniture Co., a business whose values matched mine. One of the core aspects I loved about TEU in the early days was the philosophy that we are all just human beings.  So,  rather than have a customer/salesperson relationship, why not have a human-to-human relationship?

What a concept!

I found that the title “coach” implies such a human-to-human relationship. One individual collaborating with another to realize success.

I have since collaborated with individuals, entrepreneurs, and companies who have a desire to grow, shift, and even dance toward their life vision.

I am immensely grateful and proud to be a part of this pioneering effort, which provides a gentle guide to usher you to your inner strengths and talents. Some call this your “inner guru,” others simply “finding yourself.”

I am proud to be such a guide.

am a coach.

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Venturing out into the world of Blog

My name is Sarah Lee Beaven. The last name rhymes with Heaven in case you wondered. You can call me Lee.

Lee Beaven Enjoying Life

This is my first blog. A good friend of mine encouraged me to begin, so I will begin as I do everything. I’ll simply explore and learn as I go.  I am naturally curious so this will be an arena in which I am comfortable.

My background will show you the explorer in me for sure…I was born into a family in Southeast Virginia (on the Chesapeake Bay) where science and art were alive and well concurrently.  My mother was very much the artist and my father was a physician, so I was around art, music, theatre and dance while learning about quantum physics, hypnotism, Edgar Cayce and Buckminster Fuller (to name a few). I had four sisters (yep…five girls) and we enjoyed artistic expression in all it’s forms.

One sister was a singer/songwriter so there was live original music in the house, until she went away to college. My mother always had great music playing on the stereo…anything from classical to broadway musicals to movie soundtracks and she sang and played  the piano beautifully. Her artistic expression flowed into the art world. She was a gifted artist (painter and illustrator) and most of my sisters inherited that gift, so we had paint brushes, drawing pads, canvases, paints and pencils forever in our household inventory.

My parents recently transitioned and friends from many years ago, with whom I have reconnected, have told me that they always enjoyed coming our house because we “were not like most families.”  We were unconventional and treasured free spirited conversations that made us think outside of the box. Looking back, I see how lucky I was….and am.  (Hindsight is a wonderful thing.)

I first learned about discipline when I took dance classes.  I thought I might be a ballerina….for real.  I enjoyed the process of learning and mastering steps and then turning them into an actual dance.  I always loved  the flow of ballet. Of course, it doesn’t start off flowing at first…a good life lesson I find myself  revisiting regularly.  Ballet done well looks as if the dancer is floating on air.  I have been fortunate enough to experience the “floating flow”  in ballet and still have a recurring dream where I am pirouetting effortlessly.  It feels right and it comes with discipline, practice, and desire.

When I realized I wasn’t going to be a professional dancer, I chose not to go to college and instead went to work right away in the retail world, thinking it would be temporary until I figured out what I REALLY wanted to do.  To my surprise, I grew in that world and eventually worked for a company that changed my life. (See blog entry ” Who is Your Coach?”).

The first significant change was in my social skills.  I had always been painfully shy.  You see, as a dancer, I didn’t communicate verbally, but rather, through my body.  When I learned how to actually carry on a conversation without turning crimson red and shaking with nerves, I had a whole new lease on life and new doors opened.

I stayed with this company for 10 years and then rejoined them for about 4 years in a freelance consulting/ coaching capacity…. enjoying every single day. Enjoying every single day is the sure sign that you are on the right path.

Long story short…I found that I enjoyed the art of effective communication and empowering people to find their own right answers and was able to apply it to the world of sales training. I was told this was unique.  It was just who I was and what I was exploring and discovering for myself.

So, this is the beginning of my blog venture. Feel free to come along or check in from time to time. Thanks for stopping in.

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